Staying connected in this special period…

Daily Prayer Groups

To call in, dial +1 929 205 6099 and then enter the meeting number.  Or, you can click on the “Click to Join…” button and that will link you to the zoom meeting.

Click to Join Monday 4 PM Prayer Group

Mondays at 4 PM (with Katie and Danae)
Meeting ID: 441 649 162
Password: 630946

Click to Join Tuesday 12 PM Prayer Group

Tuesdays at 12 PM (with Debbie and Juliana)
Meeting ID: 630 259 897
Password: 587487

Click to Join Wednesday 8 AM Prayer Group

Wednesdays at 8 AM (with Brent and Walter)
Meeting ID: 100 558 879
Password: 386743

Click to Join Thursday 8 PM Prayer Group

Thursdays at 8 PM (Laura and Jacob)
Meeting ID: 687 851 500
Password: 294474

Click to Join Friday 8 AM Prayer Group

Fridays at 8 AM (Hannah and Erin)
Meeting ID: 594 009 285
Password: 515942

Weekly Activities

Click to Join Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School with Hannah

Meeting ID: 408 828 749
Password: 081123

Click to Join Christianity and the 12 Steps

Christianity and the 12 Steps

Meeting ID: 155 702 256
Password: 653091

Click to Join Virtual Choir

Virtual “Choir”

Meeting ID: 143 543 663
Password: 630094

Click to Join Zoom Peace by Piece

Zoom Peace by Piece

April 6, 2020 at 7:30 PM

Meeting ID: 304 383 538
Password: 444444

More points of connection

We are keeping connected through emails sent via MailChimp, as well as our church facebook page and a private facebook group for church members and friends.

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Join the church facebook group – search for “4th Presbyterian Church – Members & Friends.”  If you have any trouble finding it, contact Katie.