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Church and State and Us Adult Sunday Class- with Becca Tweedie! – Starts Sunday, September 12

Almost anyone in America can tell you that “we have separation of church and state.” It’s much harder to articulate what that actually means, even for experts on church-state issues. Our Constitution provides that the state will not “establish” any religion, and that each individual shall have the “free exercise” of religion. But how much support can the government give to ensure that everyone can freely exercise their own religion, without actually establishing religion as a part of the state? What happens when my free exercise interferes with your free exercise? Can the state mediate those conflicts? And how do we deal with the fact that religious practice in America is far more diverse than the reference to “church and state” makes it out to be? We’ll talk about all of this and more in our next Sunday School series! Drawing from both philosophical and legal writings and our own experiences, we’ll explore what we mean when we talk about the U.S. as a secular democracy.

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Children’s Church with Lucy Camarata

Join us on Sunday for church geared to our families with children. For those families not yet comfortable coming to in person church,  Lucy is offering a Zoom version  (about 30 minutes or less)  every Sunday at 4pm.

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A chance to reflect on these 18 months…

It has been an extraordinary 18 months for us, painful for many and challenging for all.

This Wednesday, Fourth Church begins six-week Discussion Group which is most fundamentally a chance for to reflect on the past 18 months. What has the pandemic been like for you? What has been hardest? What has helped you through? What have you learned, and where have you found Grace?

To frame our series, we will use some basic concepts from our congregation’s learning about trauma, for indeed COVID-19 has been an experience of collective trauma. With any trauma, healing requires attention to the loss of safety, the loss of connection, and the loss of meaning.

So here is a map for our WEDNESDAY NIGHT (6:30pm) conversations:
October 6 Overview
October 13 Loss of Safety (Our experience of navigating risk and varied risk tolerance)
October 20 Loss of Connection (experiences and effects of isolation)
October 27 NO DISCUSSION GROUP – Please attend GBIO mayor & city council forum
November 3 Connection, Continued (New kinds of connecting? The power of connecting)
November 10 Loss of Meaning (Have we changed?)
November 17 Meaning, Continued (Our New World)

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Hybrid Choir

In person on Wednesdays, 7pm
Also on zoom –
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Special/Monthly Activities

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Zoom Peace by Piece

First Monday of the month at 7:30 PM
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