Youth Organizers

What are youth organizers?

The Youth Organizers of Fourth Presbyterian Church are a committed group of teens who work to build a better community.

What kinds of things do youth organizers do?

We have done non-partisan voter turn-out work in the precincts surrounding the church, gathered signatures for the Raise Up Massachusetts Campaign, worked with the Youth Jobs Coalition to win funding for youth jobs in the summer, and worked with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization in their campaigns to build a stronger Boston.

How do I get involved?

Contact Katie Cole!

Teen Crib & Friday Night Live

What is Teen Crib?

Taking place every Thursday at the Mary Ellen McCormack Computer Lab (11 Sterling Square), Teen Crib is an opportunity for teens to just hang out, play games, and chill. Doors open at 5:30pm and during the school year we go until 8pm.

What is Friday Night Live?

Friday Night Live is Fourth’s teen youth group experience. 

On Friday nights, youth ages 12+ gather for good food, fun games, and time for God  In mid-winter, we travel to Camp Wilmot in Wilmot, NH, for a weekend retreat in the snow!

Within our larger youth group, we are also divided into small groups of young men (with male mentors) and young women (with female mentors). In our small groups, we go deeper in our stories and faith development, and we also go out for fun!

How do I get involved?

Teens can simply just show up at either of these activities – they will be warmly welcomed!